Kitale is a beautiful agricultural town that is located in Western Kenya. It lies some 380 kilometers from Nairobi which is the capital of Kenya. The town lies between Mount Elgon and Cherengani Hills. The significant cash crops which are grown in Kitale include seed maize, sunflower, Pyrethrum, tea, seed beans, and coffee.

Kitale is an administrative center of the Trans Nzoia District. It lies in the Rift Valley Province. Founded by the while settlers in the year 1908, Kitale is one of the most prominent attractions in Africa. A branch line of the Uganda Railway leading you to the town from the Eldoret reached the town in the year 1926 with the object of promoting growth in the town.

Agriculturally rich, Kitale is a friendly market town that has a couple of interesting museums along with a bustling market. Shopping indeed is one of the principal activities to be enjoyed here. This market makes for an ideal base when you wish to explore the Saiwa Swamp National Parks and Mt Elgon. Kitale also serves as a quintessential take off point for tourists who wish to take a trip up to the western side of Lake Turkana.